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Welcome to a Herding Clinic in Kroksbo June 9–11!

We are pleased to welcome Trish Alexander as the instructor, who has long experience on both herding and trialing with her Aussies.

2 700 SEK/active spot, which includes food (breakfirst x3, lunch x3, coffee/tea x3)

Non active spot without dog – 500 SEK/day including food.

Please contact Veronica or Mikael Hagéus for more info. 

The planned Clinics and ASCA Trials in July with Rick Hardin are cancelled!

Time will be to short for Rick this summer, so we will have to wait until 2018 until he comes over to us in Kroksbo next time! In connection to that, we have decided to have a pause with Trials 2017. However, we will have stock here as usual and possibilities to come for practice.

Please contact Veronica Hagéus if you have any questions, if you want to book time for herding, or if you want to arrange a kennelcamp (e.g.) in Kroksbo.

Welcome back 2018!

Here you find the results from the last Trial in Kroksbo 2016:

September 23 – Post Advanced Cattle: PDF iconTrialresult_Kroksbo_PostAdvanced_23Sept_2016.pdf
September 24 – Arenatrial AM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_24Sept_2016_AM.pdf
September 24 – Arenatrial PM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_24Sept_2016_PM.pdf
September 25 – Arenatrial: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_25Sept_2016.pdf

Judge: Chris Caldwell

Congratulations to nice runs and new titles!

Here you can find the results from the Trials July 21–24

Thank you everyone for lovely trialdays in Kroksbo and congratulations to nice runs and new titles!

Judges: John Knepper and Wayne Kirby

July 21 – Post Advanced Cattle: PDF iconTrialresult_PostAdvanced_21July_2016.pdf
July 21 – Farmtrial Sheep: PDF iconResult_Farmtrial_Sheep_21July_2016.pdf
July 22 – Farmtrial Mix: PDF iconResult_Farmtrial_Mix_22July_2016.pdf
July 23 – Arenatrial AM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_23July_2016_AM.pdf
July 23 – Arenatrial PM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_23July_2016_PM.pdf
July 24 – Arenatrial AM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_24July_2016_AM.pdf
July 24 – Arenatrial PM: PDF iconTrialresults_Kroksbo_24July_2016_PM.pdf


You will find the results from previous Trials under "Results" in the meny above.