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Trials 2018

No Trials planned in Kroksbo for the moment

By sending in your signed entry, you are agreeing to being listed in the result lists with your name, your dog's name and your points, on SWEDACS webpage and in social media. If you don't want your name to show, please send an e-mail to kassor@swedasc.se.

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How do I sign up?

Pre-entry opens about 5 weeks before the trial and is kept open until about a week before the trial starts. The amount of entries is limited and "first come first serve" applies, so pay attention to when information is posted on the website if the trial is full! Payment for booked runs shall be made to the SWEDASC bank account at the same time as the entry is done, and is to be marked "trial" + "Your Name". A print/PDF shall be made of the payment and this has to be included with the entry papers where the deposit and the message (trial + name) is clearly visible. PLEASE OBSERVE that entries done before pre-entry opens are not accepted! If the trial is full, you're put on a waiting list and will be notified about this. If there are no cancellations, your money will be returned in full after the trial. If you cancel your own runs, money will only be returned if the spot/spots are filled by someone on the waiting list. If the trial isn't filled during the pre-entry timeframe, runs can be bought the morning of the trial in correlation with the registering to a slightly higher cost. Cancellations during the trial has to go via the trial secretary and the runs will go to those who are on the waiting list. No runs can be sold without the knowledge of the secretary!

Each judge may judge a maximum of 50 runs per day. The number of available stock also regulates how many runs can be offered. If there are two trials per day (AM+PM), you can sign up for double runs per stock. To give as many people as possible a chans to participate, the ones who have booked double runs per day might get their extra runs cancelled (and money returned for these runs). Two qualified runs per level and stock for two different judges is what is required to finish a level. The same judge who judged a qualified run in ie Started Sheep, can judge and approve a run on sheep in the next level (Open in this example).

You submit an entry form for each dog entered, and make sure to complete it accurately. Each entry form must be signed by the handler. Together with the score sheets from the trial, the entry forms will be sent to ASCA for registering. The certificats that the dog has won will then be posted to the handler, alternatively the owner, and it is very important that the entry forms are correct and easy to read as well as include the dogs registry number or tracking number. Swedish dog owners need to note that the swedish registry number has nothing to do with this! Only the ASCA registry number (if applicable) or an ASCA tracking number is considered valid.

Entry is made by regular post to SWEDASC, c/o Veronica Hagéus, Kroksbo Gård, 744 93 Runhällen. Postmark applies and the trial runs are filled up in the order that the entries arrive. Entry forms sent before pre-entry starts, are not valid. For more information, please read the flyers!

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