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To arrange ASCA events, an affiliate club to ASCA har to be formed. This applies both in the US and in Europe. SWEDASC (Swedish Australian Shepherd Club) became an approved ASCA-club in November 2012, with the primary purpose to arrange various herding trials. In the future we hope to incorporate other parts of the ASCA programme as well, such as conformation, agility, obedience etc.

All ASCA events need to be arranged through a club and abide to the rules of ASCA. The event is approved by ASCA and receives a unique sanction number. Regardless of the type of event, a judge has to be trained and approved by ASCA within the corresponding sport. Some judges are approved within several sports, such as herding and conformation, but most are only approved within one. In Europe we currently have two ASCA stockdog judges, but one more is under education.

Just as all ASCA clubs, SWEDASC is a non-profit organisation.


ASCA is the original australian shepherd club, formed in 1957 as a non-profit organisation. The increasing interest to compete led to ASCA developing its own programmes, where the herding programme was the first one.

Today, you can receive ASCA certificats and titles through the various programmes; Agility, rally obedience, obedience, tracking, conformation and herding. ASCA has over 100 affiliate clubs nationally and internationally and these are the ones organising ASCA-sanctioned shows and competitions.

In January 2010 there were about 165 000 dogs in the ASCA breeding registrar. Together with all results and titles that ASCA-registered dogs have won over the years, that makes the ASCA registrar the number one registrar for a single breed.

To maintin the breed standard is one of ASCAs main responsibilities. All breeders should keep to the standard and exterior-wise the dogs should be judged in the show ring. The current breed standard was approved in 1977.