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SWEDASC has the following membership options that has to be renewed once a year:

Full membership – 200 SEK/year

As a full member you will get newsletters by email, preliminary info about activities and clinics at Kroksbo Gård and possibilities to practice at other occations than at clinics.

Voting rights.

Full members are expected to participate actively in the club, helping out during Trials and so on. To be able to sit in the SWEDASC's board, you must be a full member in SWEDASC AND a "full member" of ASCA (download the ASCA Full Membership Application here http://asca.org/Portals/0/app.pdf). Send an e-mail to kassor@swedasc.com and apply before paying the membership fee.

Service membership – 100 SEK/year

As a service member you will get newsletters by email and info about activities.

No voting rights.

Family membership – 50 SEK/year

As a family member linked to a full membership alternatively a service membership you will receive newsletters by email and info about activities.

No voting rights.

Junior membership - 50 SEK/year

Applies to anyone between 7-17 y.o. As a junior member you will receive newsletters by email and info about activities.

No voting rights.

Renewal 1st of January each year

Payment to be made to SWEDASCs (bankgiro) 174-9092 or bank account 82842 04 648 238 6 (Swedbank) and applies to the last of December the same year. The deposit is to be marked with your name after emailing your information to kassor@swedasc.com. At the renewal each year, the deposit will be marked with name and membership number. PLEASE CONTACT kassor@swedasc.com to learn more about international membership and international payment methods.

To trial, you don't have to be a member of SWEDASC or any other ASCA-club in Europe! If  you want the results for the dog registered in ASCA with the possibility to receive ASCA certificats, the dog needs either a registry number or a tracking number. For this, payment is only made once to ASCA and after that the dog is registered for life.

If you want a registry number for your dog, the breeder must fill in the submission form and attach photos of the dog from the left and right side. The price for this goes up after the dog has turned one year old.

To receive a tracking number, only a submission form and a $10 fee has to be submitted. This form can be found here:  http://asca.org/Portals/0/trackapp.pdf

To get either a registry number or a tracking number, you need to have at the very minimum a service membership in ASCA (applies for one year and one does not have to renew it after registering the dog).

SWEDASC can't help you with membership applications to ASCA or applications for tracking number/registry numbers for dogs